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Can Strength in Numbers Apply to Your Franchise’s Marketing Campaigns? Yes…..Through Crowd Source Marketing

With the official launch of SimLutions -- Simulation Solutions-- rapidly approaching we’d like to highlight one of the services we offer to our our LinkedIn followers. Outside of our racing simulator sales, leasing, and rental programs, we are also a marketing company.

Virtual2Reality Target Audience

In an effort to satiate our desire to understand which businesses are most likely to benefit from our marketing services, our research has lead us to focus on franchisees. Franchise based business owners have a unique burden to bear; they are a part of a larger whole among their corporate brand, while also operating as an independent entity who is largely responsible for their own marketing efforts outside of corporate campaigns.


Virtual2Reality recognizes that even though each business may have a well known corporate brand backing them, it does not guarantee success of the independently owned franchise. We realize that each franchise must contribute to and govern their own marketing budget. Franchisees must be as frugal and as smart as their small business counterparts when it comes to allocating funds for local marketing campaigns. It is because of this that it is so important that each individual location get the biggest bang for their buck.

Bigger Bang, Fewer Bucks

Crowdsourced Marketing is a concept we want our readers--if they are not already--to become familiar and comfortable with.This is a low-risk/high reward situation that depends on individual entities “doing their part” to contribute to larger collaborative marketing effort. Franchisees participating in a our marketing campaign contribute a minimal investment, which is then added to a collective marketing budget comprised of all the other locations sharing the same brand. Take a look at this image to grasp how individual franchisee contributions have potential for exponential growth using a crowdsourced marketing campaign.




As you can see, the more brand affiliated participants, the sweeter the pot; the sweeter the pot the sweeter the campaign; and the sweeter the campaign, the better the odds are for participating franchisees to access a massive target audience on our eSports Racing platform.

eSports Racing Platform

It’s pretty safe to assume that our readers are well aware of the wild popularity of NASCAR. It’s even safer to assume you aren’t as familiar with the term eSports. Worry not--you are not alone-- but consider this your invitation to get to know this fast growing and uniquely powerful platform. Now, these two combined become a powerhouse of potential by providing us with a massive target audience. Here are some fun facts:



  • The total number of estimated NASCAR fans in the US is 75 million
  • 83% of consumers are asking retailers they frequent for more NASCAR licensed products
  • Fans are 3x as likely to purchase NASCAR sponsored products and services
  • 1 in 3 households who watch NASCAR regularly, also have children under the age of 18


eSports Fans (“Gamers”):

  • As of October 2015 the eSports market is worth $747 million
  • Brand advertising accounts for 77% of the market and is slated to reach $1 billion by 2017
  • eSports has attracted media outlets such as TBS and ESPN because of rapidly increasing popularity
  • Pro gamers and their teams are reaching celebrity status as viewership climbs to 188 million in 2015


Gamers are moving further away from traditional forms of entertainment making it imperative to reach them where they are spending their time; and NASCAR fans pay very close attention to pretty much anything race related, which makes them a prime candidate to check out a campaign having to do with racing. This is precisely why Virtual2Reality has chosen the eSports racing platform to conduct these types of campaigns.

The Campaign

You don’t have to be a racing fan to know that obscene amounts of money go into sponsoring a car in a NASCAR race. As we learned above, brands affiliated with these sorts of races are sought after by viewers. Virtual2Reality has created an opportunity for your franchise to sponsor race cars and their drivers and to be marketed to an impressive audience of superfans and enthusiasts.


Our participating franchisees sponsor a custom branded, virtual race car and is paired with drivers who participate in weekly online races. During weekly campaigns, consumers have the opportunity to engage on brand specific landing pages to register for prizes, view promos, and/or inquire about services.


During the actual race, your branded car/driver duo will be featured on live streamed races with full commentary on networks such as, YouTube and Twitch. Promo videos and screenshots will be used as the primary content to give viewers--who may not have come across the weekly social media campaign--another opportunity to register for special promos and gift certificates to be used in their locally participating franchise. This combined with our micro-targeting tactics allows us to sort consumer activity, generating a comprehensive database to hand over to the individual franchise owner based on zip codes provided by each franchisee.


It doesn’t take millions to get your brand in front of your target demographic when you choose Virtual2Reality to drive your social media, eSports Racing marketing campaign.

Looking Ahead

On the horizon winners of these online racing series will earn opportunities to test and tune in real world race cars with the potential of your driver making a run at some of the top levels of racing, all from starting here. The story alone of a would-be online racer getting an opportunity to run in real world races carrying your brand is worth millions of views alone.

The future in now, more people are getting their entertainment via online activities and live streaming.  We've created the portal, it's up to you to jump in. Hope to see you at the finish line.

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